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Stages d'été 2015

Inscriptions dès maintenant pour nos stages d'été:

Anglais en Immersion (Homestay)

JUILLET (du lundi 6 au vendredi 10 juillet )

Les formateurs d' "English Connection" ouvrent les portes de leur propre maison pour accueillir des jeunes qui souhaitent améliorer leur anglais en vivant en famille avec des anglais, sans quitter la France.

(Voir un petit aperçu des activités de l'année dernière): http://www.english-connection-vannes.com/blog/s%C3%A9jour-linguistique-h...

* Chambre individuelle
* Cours particuliers adaptés aux besoins et au niveau de chacun
* Sorties pédagogiques, ludiques ou sportives
* Découverte de la culture et la nourriture anglaise
Nombre de participants: 4
Tarif: 595,00€

Demandez le programme détaillé et la fiche d'inscripton: english.connection@sfr.fr

Remise à Niveau du lundi 24 au vendredi 28 août
Passage en classe de seconde, première ou Terminale 9h30 à 12h30
Passage en classe de 5ème, 4ème ou 3ème 14h à 17h

Notre stage d'anglais classique (révision des bases) aux locaux d' "English Connection" à Vannes.
* vocabulaire, prononciation, écoute, activités communicatifs, film en VO, chansons, jeux et, oui, .... des exercices de grammaire
* professeurs anglophones, diplômés
* travail en paires ou en petits groupes
* nombre de participants: 10
Tarif: 195€

Pour une fiche d'inscription contactez nous au: english.connection@sfr.fr

Forum "Apprendre une langue à l'étranger" 2014

Forum "Apprendre une langue à l'étranger"

Le Bureau Information Jeunesse de la Ville de Vannes organise un forum d'information sur les différentes formules d'apprentissage d'une langue à l'étranger le samedi 15 février 2014 de 14 à 18 heures au Palais des Arts de Vannes.

BIJ Vannes Forum

Venez rencontrer les professeurs de English Connction aussi que nos collègues de St Brelade's College, Jersey.

st brelade's college.jpg


Happy New Year 2014

Richard & Bronwen wishyou all a Very Happy 2014!

IMG_1919 bronwen edwards.jpg

IMG_0962 (800x533).jpg

Xavier's News 5

Hello everyone, are you having a good Christmas?

For all our students who have been following Xavier's progress:


You can see him taking his first steps without his walking frame here:


Fortunately, Unfortunately 2013

Yes, it's time for the collège (3ème) group to write a "Fortunately, Unfortunately" story.
Here are this year's efforts:

They could all have the same title: A Really Bad Day, although this was not intentional.

I was going on my holidays to Guadeloupe.
Unfortunately, the plane was cancelled, there were some terrorists.
Fortunately, everyone was safe and sound.
Unfortunately, the terrorists hijacked the plane.
Fortunately, the passengers could take another plane.
Unfortunately, there wasn’t a pilot.
Fortunately, a man on the plane was a pilot.
Unfortunately, there was some turbulence.
Fortunately, they had almost arrived at the destination.
Unfortunately, the plane couldn’t land because the runway was flooded.

By Maureen & Eva

I was going to school.
Unfortunately, I missed my bus.
Fotunately, my dad took me by car.
Unfortunately, his car broke down.
Fortunately, he repaired the car.
Unfortunately, I forgot my book.
Fortunately, the teacher was absent.
Unfortunately, she was replaced.
Fortunately, my friend lent me a book.
Unfortunately, it was the wrong one.
Fortunately, there was a fire drill, so I didn't need the book.

By Yann & Valentin

I went to eat at a restaurant.
Unfortunately, my car didn’t have any petrol.
Fortunately, I had a bike.
Unfortunately, I didn’t find the restaurant.
Fortunately, I had a sandwich in my bag.
Unfortunately, my sandwich fell into a puddle.
Fortunately, I found a baker’s.
Unfortunately, they didn’t have a sandwich.
Fortunately, I was on a diet.
Unfortunately, I stopped last week.
Fortnately, I bought a tart and a croissant.

by Blandine & Inès

Séjour Linguistique à Jersey

« L'école de langue de St Brelade à Jersey est le choix idéal pour les étudiants qui cherchent à combiner des cours d'anglais avec une visite d'une île magnifique. »

Drive up to St Malo, hop on Condor Ferries and in less than an hour and a half you will be in St Helier, Jersey.
Only fifteen minutes on the bus from St Helier, is St Brelade’s College English Language School.

It is situated near the beautiful little harbour of St Aubin’s Bay, which has lots of bars and restaurants.
Founded in 1978 by the current owner’s father, the school has 12 classrooms, a student lounge and two internet/self-study rooms. They have also recently added a large wooden chalet which will be used by students for social events.

It is open all year round and provides English courses for all ages and interests.
Students can stay with host families, in a residence, or in local hotels.
There is a wide range of social activities in the afternoons and evenings and the school is accredited by The British Council.

A language course in Jersey has certain advantages:
1. Travel costs are reduced
2. Easy to get to
3. Beautiful island
4. Lots to see and do
5. Safe

Richard and I visited St Brelade’s College recently and found the staff there very welcoming. We think that you will find the courses they offer very interesting and Jersey is a lovely place to visit at any time of year.

Site web en français: http://www.stbreladescollege.co.uk/fr

Si vous avez besoin d’assistance pour un complément d’informations ou pour réserver un séjour linguistique à St Brelade’s College, soit pour vous ou pour votre enfant, veuillez prendre un rendez-vous avec Bronwen.


A quick trip to Jersey

If you want a taste of English life, if you fancy a weekend away, or just a day's shopping and a chance to practise your English, why not pop over to Jersey?

Want to go for the day? It's great for Christmas shopping! Just take the early morning boat, then shop till you drop*, and get the late afternoon ferry back.
There are two department stores in the main street: Voisins and De Gruchy. You can buy luxury goods, shoes, bags, clothes, homeware etc. in these shops.
Also in the main street you will find book shops, jewelers, Clarkes shoe shop (much cheaper than in France), lots of clothes shops and all the famous UK brands such as Monsoon, Next and Marks & Spencer’s.
If you are going with a really trendy teenager – then have a look around Jack Wills, a quintessentially* British style that English university students love.
There are lots of little side streets to investigate, and one of them has a fantastic indoor market.
If you want to buy typically English food, you can have a look around the food department of Marks & Spencer’s for biscuits, cakes, chocolate, cheese, sausages and other goodies which you can’t buy in France.

St Helier

What to eat:
If you arrive early in the morning, my advice is to go and have an English breakfast somewhere – there are lots of cafés which offer this, and if you stay at The Inn hotel, cooked breakfast is included in the price.

english breakfast

If you just had a "continental breakfast", and you are feeling peckish* at lunch time, go and find a pub and have fish ‘n chips, or jacket potato. Pub grub* is usually very good!

fish 'n chips

If you are staying overnight, there are lots of restaurants to choose from, but I usually head for Jaipur opposite the bus station near Liberty Square, which is a wonderful Indian restaurant.

Jaipur St Helier

Where to stay:
Jersey is a tourist island, so there are plenty of hotels to choose from. We usually stay at The Inn, because it is an easy walking distance from the town, the staff are extremely helpful, the food is great and the hotel has a young vibe* to it. There is quite often live music too. The Inn offers fantastic value for money.

bedroom The Inn Jersey


The Inn.jpg

Not far from The Inn is The Savoy. This hotel has a more formal and grown up atmosphere. The rooms are very comfortable, the food is excellent and every Friday a jazz band plays in the bar. You don’t have to be a resident to go to the jazz evening – but you will have to book a table if you want to be sure of a seat.

jazz night Savoy Jersey

The Savoy also does a particularly good "Afternoon Tea"


If you are feeling rich, or if you want to have a very special weekend – then you could stay at Longueville Manor, an extremely beautiful and expensive five star hotel. However, one way of having a taste of Longueville Manor without breaking the bank, is by treating yourself to lunch there. If you go on a special occasion such as your birthday or wedding anniversary, you won’t be disappointed. It is very high class, so I wouldn’t recommend taking children .

longueville manor jersey

Getting around:
Take a taxi from the port to your hotel - it's by far the easiest solution.

You can easily visit all parts of the island by using the local bus service. Jersey bus drivers are absolutely charming and will tell you when to get off the bus. You can get a timetable from your hotel or from the bus station in St Helier.

You can also hire a car, but make sure you get quite a small one, because Jersey streets are very narrow and winding out in the countryside. The island isn’t very big so you can easily drive all round and all over it in a day. If you book in advance, the car hire company will bring the car to your hotel – this is much better than queuing with everyone else when you arrive at the port.

Driving around the island is the best way to come across the famous Jersey cows. Stop at the side of the road and they will probably wander over to say hello to you.

What to do and what to visit:

There is loads to do on Jersey! But obviously much depends on your age, your taste and what time of year you go there.
A “Must See” is the Jersey War Tunnels museum. This is great for kids as it is an interactive museum. It is underground though, so make sure you wear something warm – even in summer – and it’s not for people who are claustrophobic.


There is also a zoo on the island, as well as forts, castles, and museums and a beautiful coastline with lovely beaches. There are lots of musical events, a theatre, plenty of bars, water sports etc.


The streets are an open-air art gallery.....you never know what you might see!

art in St Helier



How to get there:
It only takes about 80 minutes on Condor Ferries from St Malo to St Helier – the main town on Jersey. – and it’s not very expensive if you go as a foot passenger.


For further information, here are some useful links:

Condor Ferris: http://www.condorferries.fr/

Jersey Tourist Information: http://www.jersey.com/francais/pages/default.aspx

The Inn: http://www.theinnjersey.com/en/home/

The Savoy: http://www.hotelsavoyjersey.com/

Longueville Manor http://www.longuevillemanor.com/welcome

Jersey War Tunnels: http://www.jerseywartunnels.com/index.php

* Shop till you drop = shop and shop and shop until you are extremely tired
*feeling peckish = a little bit hungry
* Pub Grub = home made food in pubs - usually very English and very good value for money.
* vibe = a modern word for 'atmosphere'
*quintessentially English = totally/completely/perfectly / typically English

Tunnel - une série bilingue!

Tunnel (The Tunnel) est une série télévisée franco-britannique diffusée depuis le 16 octobre 2013 sur Sky Atlantic et à partir du 11 novembre 2013 sur Canal +.
C'est une adaptation de la série suédo-danoise Bron (Le Pont) de Hans Rosenfeldt.
Genre: Policier / Drame (L'action est assez compliquée et noire.)

Un cadavre est retrouvé dans un tunnel de service du tunnel sous la Manche, sur la ligne de démarcation entre la France et le Royaume-Uni. Alors que le cadavre semble être celui d'une députée française, les enquêteurs découvrent vite qu'il s'agit en réalité de deux moitiés de cadavres mis bout à bout. . La police française et anglaise est appelée sur les lieux : Elise Wassermann de la DPJ de Calais et Karl Roebuck son homologue de Folkestone.

The Tunnel.jpg
The Tunnel

The Tunnel (French: Tunnel) is a British/French crime drama television series, based on the 2011 Danish/Swedish crime series The Bridge (Broen/Bron). The first episode of The Tunnel was broadcast in the UK on 16 October 2013 on Sky Atlantic, and will be broadcast on 11th November 2013 on Canal+ in France.

The series stars Stephen Dillane and Clémence Poésy as British and French police detectives Karl Roebuck and Elise Wasserman, respectively, who work together after an upper-half body of a French politician, and the lower-half of a British prostitute is discovered in the Channel Tunnel, at the midpoint between France and the UK. They later learn that the serial killer is on a moral crusade to highlight many social problems, terrorising both countries in the process.

Due to the setting, the dialogue of the series is bilingual, a first for British and French television.

For more information and images, visit The Tunnel website: http://www.sky.com/tv/show/the-tunnel

Xavier's News 4

Last year, students at English Connection raised over €3 000 to help a little boy called Xavier, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy, have an operation in America.

If it is successful, this operation will give Xavier the chance to walk like any other little boy.

Xavier, age 4, must now have two years of intensive physiotherapy to teach him to walk.

For the students who donated money for the operation, and are interested in his progress, here is the latest bit of news :

Xavier celebrated his fourth birthday.

He started school.


He started horse riding lessons.


These are special lessons organised by a charity called "Riding for the Disabled". Riding will help Xavier to strengthen his upper body as well as his legs and will give him confidence.


Meanwhile, you can see Xavier take his first steps without help if you visit his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HelpXavierWalk

(You do not need to belong to Facebook to see this page.)