Bread Puddings!

In English cooking there are lots and lots of different PUDDINGS.

Here are two puddings which are made with stale** bread.

**stale bread = bread which is a few days old.


This is eaten hot, as a dessert.

I made this pudding with just two slices of bread.

* Spread butter on the bread and cut each slice into 4 triangles.
* Put the triangles into a small buttered dish, and sprinkle with a little sugar & a handful of raisins.
* Whisk an egg into a cup of milk and pour this over the bread. You can add some vanilla essence too, if you like.
* Put in the oven for 20 mins at 175°, or until golden.
It should be crunchy on top and soft underneath. Serve with cream.




This is what I make if I have a lot of bread or brioche which has gone dry.

It is more like a cake because you can slice it. You can eat it hot or cold.

*Tear up the bread & put it in a large bowl.
* Add 100g raisins & 50g sugar
* Add the spices: cinammon, nutmeg and (if you can get it) powdered cloves. These three spices can be bought together in English food shops: look for "Allspice" or "Mixed Spice".
* Whisk an egg into a large mug of milk and pour over the bread. (Don't add vanilla to this pudding.)
The bread should soak up the liquid. It should not be at all dry, but there shouldn't be any liquid running in the bowl.
* Transfer the pudding to a cake tin.
* Cook at 180° for 45 mins.
If it starts to look burnt, then cover with aluminium paper.

This pudding will last for several days, and you can serve it with tea or coffee.




Enjoy your English Puddings!