Fortunately, Unfortunately 2013

Yes, it's time for the collège (3ème) group to write a "Fortunately, Unfortunately" story.
Here are this year's efforts:

They could all have the same title: A Really Bad Day, although this was not intentional.

I was going on my holidays to Guadeloupe.
Unfortunately, the plane was cancelled, there were some terrorists.
Fortunately, everyone was safe and sound.
Unfortunately, the terrorists hijacked the plane.
Fortunately, the passengers could take another plane.
Unfortunately, there wasn’t a pilot.
Fortunately, a man on the plane was a pilot.
Unfortunately, there was some turbulence.
Fortunately, they had almost arrived at the destination.
Unfortunately, the plane couldn’t land because the runway was flooded.

By Maureen & Eva

I was going to school.
Unfortunately, I missed my bus.
Fotunately, my dad took me by car.
Unfortunately, his car broke down.
Fortunately, he repaired the car.
Unfortunately, I forgot my book.
Fortunately, the teacher was absent.
Unfortunately, she was replaced.
Fortunately, my friend lent me a book.
Unfortunately, it was the wrong one.
Fortunately, there was a fire drill, so I didn't need the book.

By Yann & Valentin

I went to eat at a restaurant.
Unfortunately, my car didn’t have any petrol.
Fortunately, I had a bike.
Unfortunately, I didn’t find the restaurant.
Fortunately, I had a sandwich in my bag.
Unfortunately, my sandwich fell into a puddle.
Fortunately, I found a baker’s.
Unfortunately, they didn’t have a sandwich.
Fortunately, I was on a diet.
Unfortunately, I stopped last week.
Fortnately, I bought a tart and a croissant.

by Blandine & Inès