Ghost stories 2

Here are two more ghost stories written by my B2 lycée group.

Tap, tap, tap… Miaow! By Marie

Not long ago I read a book by François René de Châteaubriand. He was a writer of romantic novels, but in his book “Mémoir d’autre tombe” there are some very spooky chapters. One of them is about ghosts, and it’s very scary!

The author talks about the castle where he spent his childhood: the castle of Combourg. In the countryside around the castle there is a legend that tells the story of of Count Malo de Coëtquen who lost a leg in a tragic battle many years ago. Châteaubriand wrote that every night he looked under his bed to see if the ghost of the Count was there. He was scared because every night he heard the the sound of Malo de Coëtquen’s wooden leg. He heard the tap, tap of the leg on the stony ground and he shivered with fear. He was paralysed by this noise and another strange sort of mewing. He thought that the Count was not alone, he was accompanied by the ghost of a cat which had terrible yellow eyes.

A few years ago some repair work was carried out on the castle and in a wall the mummified remains of a cat were found. After some historic research, it was discovered that in the middle ages people often immured black cats because they brought bad luck.
The current owner thinks that the ghost that Châteubriand heard is that of the cat found in the walls.
And she still feels the presence of these two strange phantoms.

Strange Things By Manon

I’m going to tell you a very strange story that happened to me a year ago.
It was a sunny day and my mum and my little brother had gone to the supermarket and I was alone at home in my bedroom when I heard a big noise, a muffled sound. I went downstairs but there was nothing weird, so I slumped on the sofa and switched on the TV to watch a romantic series. As I was watching it I felt that someone was watching me and suddenly I heard a huge noise – it sounded like pans. I went into the kitchen and discovered some pans on the floor. My eyes widened because I was alone. The door and all the windows were closed. I started having goose-bumps!
I really didn’t understand what was happening in my house, so I went back up to my bedroom. I was on my phone when I heard a “click”. You should know that there is an automatic lamp in the hall which turns itself on if someone passes, but only if someone passes. I opened my door and saw that the light was on. Then there was a SNAP and the light bulb burst! I screamed, grabbed my phone and ran out of the house.
Five minutes later my mum came back, and I know she didn’t really believe me.
The really strange thing is that my house is new; it isn’t an old manor or anything like that. And since that day I thought I’ve seen some shadows, some black shapes.
Maybe I’m crazy. Or maybe something is wrong with this house.