Ghost Stories 3

Here are the last two ghost stories from my lycée students. I think you'll agree that they are full of imagination!

The Ghost Ship by Addie

About ten years ago I was sailing with my family around the little islands next to the coast of Brittany, not far from Brest.
We’d been sailing all day long and we were feeling a bit ill as the sea had been choppy. There were some huge waves, a terrible wind and the sky was so threatening. I was half crying and half singing to try to keep up some hope that we would safely get back from this place.
We couldn’t see any coast on the horizon, so I was terrified. It was starting to get dark and the temperature dropped. I felt an icy shiver and suddenly the atmosphere totally changed. Darkness settled around us and a spooky noise rose from the mast. It was rattling and creaking in a strange way until we heard a BANG and a chain fell down onto the cockpit. No-one said anything. Were we in a weird dream? I don’t know – but I had seen it! A poltergeist was floating next to the flag and it was wearing a chain on its feet. I don’t remember what happened next, but I know that we entered into fog and the apparition disappeared.

The Portal by Léa

During my friend’s vacation back in 2014, Catherine had the most terrific experience that she’ll never forget.
The story began when her parents decided to have a trip in Britain. They searched and found numerous places to visit but the first place that caught their attention was quite particular. It was a haunted house known also as an ancient hotel located in a small village. For some reason her parents were attracted to this place because of the ghost story that had made it famous, so they reserved and paid extra to visit the off-limits rooms and chambers. Everyone was really excited.
The day that they had been waiting for finally came. They were already prepared to go. The flight took five hours, landing at 1pm local time. Then, they took a train to get to the village. After leaving some luggage in the hotel room, they went directly to the haunted house. When Catherine and her family arrived, there was a guide who led the way and showed them the rooms which had horrible “decorations”. There was one room covered with bloody hand prints. At the end of the tour he told them the mysterious story of the haunted hotel…
So the story began during the period of black magic. The hotel had already been built and it welcomed all kinds of guests, both human and animal, but the current owner said that he believed there were also demons, witches and other ghostly beings. The house itself is said to have been the location of many sinister happenings, such as child sacrifice, suicide, murder and dark magic rituals. That’s why the house is the creepiest place people have ever visited. Thus, there was a rumour which said that the hotel has a secret portal which allowed the souls of dead people to travel to another dimension or just to another hotel around the whole world.
After the visit, the family went back to their hotel. They had dinner and went back to their rooms. Catherine shared a room with her little sister. Catherine had a shower, and when she came out of the bathroom her sister said, “Come and meet my new friend”. Catherine thought her sister was trying to scare her because they had just been to a haunted house, so she said, “Please stop being ridiculous. I’m tired, let’s go to sleep … and tell me something real next time!”
Her sister replied, “It wasn’t a joke at all.” Then she turned her head and said, “Can you show her what you can do?” Suddenly, all the lights went off. Then Catherine heard a footstep and a young woman’s voice whispered, “Believe it now?”
Catherine was so shocked she couldn’t even scream. Her sister was being very weird. Then she remembered the guide had said that the portal could lead souls to another dimension .. or another hotel!
Well, we will never know what really happened. There is a huge distance between imagination and reality.