Advanced English Vocabulary

Find a word or an expression in the article below on British Politics which mean the following:

a) In debt
b) Currently holding a post or position
c) It became clear or obvious; people understood
d) Refusing to believe or accept something
e) To ridicule
f) Hard bargaining or negotiating
g) To hate each other
h) To have to make a very difficult choice
i) To win affection/seduce into marriage
j) The result
k) Something that everyone knows although the information is private
l) Make a decision
m) Promises
n) Backwards & forwards
o) To be disapproving but saying nothing
p) A sudden amount of movement/agitation/bustling
q) To formally agree to a law or contract
r) Small format newspaper written in an informal style

Answers next Friday (21st May)

Tongue Twister

Thank you to Dr J.G who gave me this marvellous tongue twister yesterday:

"Three witches watch three Swatch watches. Which witch watches which Swatch watch?"

Can you say it really fast?

Just in case you're wondering, here's the French translation: "Trois sorcières regardent trois montres Swatch. Quelle sorcière regarde quelle montre Swatch?"

Vocabulary: A tongue twister (n) - une phrase difficile à prononcer.
tongue - la langue; twisted - tordu(e) (adj)

If you know any other English tongue twisters, send them to me at the usual address.